Just like its big brother the KZ100, the MZ75 operates just like a steam hammer. We use a mechanical linkage and a directional valve along with compressed air to operate and control the hammer. There are no solenoid valves or limit switches. This versatile and lightweight hammer has supreme control for all of your forging projects.
Using a 12" stroke cylinder, it runs on a recommended 35 to 75 lbs of air pressure. We run our hammer with a 5 hp 2 stage 80 gallon compressor @ 17 CFM. The MZ75 comes standard with 2-1/2" x 4" flat dies.

Weight: The overall weight is approx 1,000 lbs.
Size: The overall height is 81" and the base measures 24" x 24".

Price: $5,150 (plus shipping)

The MZ75 Power Hammer is like having a power hammer, 
treadle hammer, and your hand hammer, all rolled into one!

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The MZ75 Power Hammer is:
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