Power Hammer Control Kit

Now you can get your hammer to operate just like a steam hammer!
This control kit is adaptable to your existing hammer, or build your own using our free plans.

With this kit, you will receive: 
-Directional Valve
-Valve Mounting Plate
-Air Filter
-Air Pressure Regulator
-Filter/Regulator Mounting Plate
-Air Lubricator
-Quick Exhaust (2)
-Treadle Linkage
-Connecting Rod
-Throttle Valve Assembly
-3/4” Nipple (2)
-Treadle Spring
-Linkage with Cycle Adjuster
-Barbed Air Hose Fittings (4)
-Hose Clamps (4)
-4 feet of 1/2" Air Hose 

The cost for the entire package is just $1,425 
(plus shipping)

Includes a 30-day money back guarantee and free tech support!

Interested in ordering your Power Hammer Control Kit? Send us a message below!

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